Robinson, my clever Robinson
you don't know how I envy you.
If you could only show me your island,
there I would find peace of mind.

I'll be the ship, you be the captain.
We can unfurl the sail one morning.
The sea becomes our shadow in the sun.
The journey. And suddenly we're at our island.

I wish you could be my interpreter,
introduce me to the fish,
to wild birds and flowers,
say to them about me: `He's one of us.'

I know how to climb trees.
I can tell a fruit that's ripe.
I can also manage breaking stones,
making fires, cooking food.

Robinson, understanding Robinson,
if your island hasn't sunk yet
take me there
before the seaways close.

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı (1910-56)
Translated by Mesut Onen and Richard McKane

Robenson - (Turkish)

Turkish Poetry in Translation

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